Maintaining and/or improving ones credit is not all that challenging as long as you have proper guidance. Also, if you're credit isn't as strong as it could be OR if there is erroneous information on your credit report, it's easy to fix with the right guidance.

Listed below are a few credit repair and maintenance guides. All of them have great info, but please check out the reviews and decide for yourself.

Credit Secrets Bible

This by far is my favorite book written to help people repair their credit. It's extremely easy reading and has larger print so you don't have to squint to see it. Just like most credit repair books, it teaches you how to delete erroneous derogatory items.

In addition to learning how to get rid of negative items, it teaches you how to add positive items. This is just as important as getting rid of the bad things. No credit rating can be just as challenging as bad credit.

In addition to the normal items you'd expect in a credit repair book, you get other great info like business ideas, tips on maintaining your credit if you're thinking about divorce (this is huge & one of the more common reasons good people get bad credit ratings), making yourself nearly identity theft proof & much more.

This is a definite winner and my favorite among the bunch.

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The Attorney's Guide to Credit Repair

This is number two on my list for a few reasons & it was a tough choice because I really like selections 1 & 2. This one has a lot of good info AND the price is a bit better than my first choice. This one runs $39.97 whereas my first choice is about $67.00.

Along with all good credit related info (& this has everything you need to get the job done for you), the Attorney's Guide offers other excellent info too. For example, one of their bonuses is "choosing the bank that's right for you". Another bonus is "getting the best deal at a car dealership (we all know how exhausting that can be). There are several other great bonuses.

There is also a 56 day money back guarantee, so there's no risk.

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Tim Irish's Credit Repair Truth Blueprinting System!

This is a phenomenal choice as well. This system is moderately priced at $47.00. What I like most about this one is that they do a great job of walking you through the process. They make it all so easy & the beauty is, it's actually easy.

I've worked in the finance world for 8 years or so & I've used most all of this info. Credit repair is not hard with the right tools. This book is one of the better ones available.

Don't spend hundreds or $1000 + to have a credit repair agency or attorney do this for you. It only takes several hours over a couple of months time to really make a huge difference. Think about it, if you buy a moderately priced car for $30,000 and have good credit your payment is only $525. That same car could cost as much as $698 per month with bad credit. This is for a 5 year loan. That's a difference of $173 per month or $10,380 over 5 years. Wow! What a difference.

This program has some good bonuses too including - "7 Effective Ways to Control Your Debt", "The Secrets to Setting Up a Family Budget", and info on getting annoying past creditors to stop bugging you.

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Business Credit Secrets - Easily Get Thousands $ In Business Credit!

This book is geared towards establishing business credit, so it's really in a different category than the first 3 choices. This book is very economical at only about $29.95.

If you have a newer business or if you're thinking about starting a business of your own, this book is a must. This may also be beneficial for established companies that don't have a "footprint" or credit in the business community.

This is very important. If you don't take the right steps, it becomes very challenging to get credit. This is particularly true if your personal credit isn't the best or is just marginal. One of the most important things you can do when starting a new business is to plan ahead. This is one thing of many you can do to ensure your business is a success.

One of the biggest barriers for newer businesses is lack of capital. If you prepare yourself in advance, it's easy to wisely leverage yourself and get the credit and capital your business needs to thrive.

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